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Frontline Emergency & PTS

Developed in close collaboration with major ambulance body builders and manufacturers
Max. load: 200 kg
Standard weight: 25 - 31 kg
Operation: Automatic
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Load capacity: 350 kg
Cycle time: 8s
Weight: 12 kg (Manual), 36 kg (Automatic)
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Easy Access™ EA Inboard
Lifting capacity: 400 / 500 kg
Lift standard weight: 165 kg
Input: 12 / 24 V
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RPH Rear Cassette Lift
Ground-to-deck heights of up to 101.5 cm
Lift standard weight: 150 | 180 kg
Loading capacity: 300 | 350 kg
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EPH Inboard Lift
Ground-to-deck heights of up to 65 cm
Lift standard weight: 92 kg
Loading capacity: 250 kg
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ERP 400/500 Ambulance Lift
Lifting capacity: 400/500 kg
Lift weight: 212 kg
Platform length: 1750 mm
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M1 Hybrid Floor
50% lighter than aluminium profiles
Reduces noise and vibrations
Weight: 93 kg
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Stretcher Cassette Lift
Loading capacity: 400 kg
Weight: 225 kg
Fully automatic
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