The Widest Accessibility Range For All Budgets And Technical Needs | Mobility Networks

The Widest Accessibility Range For All Budgets And Technical Needs

Over 25 Years Engineering Expertise

Designing and producing leading-edge products. All products incorporate the very latest in accessible technology and Mobility Networks takes pride in pioneering innovation that benefits fleet operators, drivers, converters and passengers.

Inboard Lifts

With several global patents, a variety of manual and automatic solutions and several different platform size options and load capacities, Mobility Networks deliver the most versatile range of Inboard Lifts available to the global market.

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Cassette Lifts

With decades of experience, Mobility Networks have produced a selection of Cassette Lifts that use the most innovative technology to save space while maintaining a high load capacity. These solutions can all be engineered to meet an infinite range of specifications and are proven to deliver safety, usability and reliability of the utmost calibre.

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With passenger comfort and safety of the highest priority, Mobility Networks’ ramp portfolio is unrivalled in the UK and abroad.

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WAV Kits

By partnering with manufacturers such as Bierman and GM Coachworks, Mobility Networks is proud to present the most thorough range of WAVs in the market.

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Mobility Networks presents the VERSA™ range - steps which are versatile and reliable additions to a variety of vehicles. All products in the VERSA™ range are made of the highest quality materials and tested thoroughly for strength and durability.

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Cost-efficient and durable flooring gives vehicles flexibility and control over passenger transport.

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Mobility Networks produce a variety of seating solutions to fit M1, M2 and M3 vehicles. The FlexiSeat range offers guaranteed safety, cost efficiency and a high quality finish.

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Train Lifts

The majority of train lifts in the market are freight lifts modified to aid wheelchair passengers. Mobility Networks strove to change this and wanted to create a durable and practical train lift specifically for wheelchair users.

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Safety Bolt-ons

We’ve created a range of safety bolt-ons to give you added peace of mind. From barriers to extra lights, when it comes to our mobility products, passenger safety and comfort is our highest priority.

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