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Inboard Lifts

With several global patents, a variety of manual and automatic solutions and several different platform size options and load capacities, Mobility Networks deliver the most versatile range of Inboard Lifts available to the global market.

i-Class™ Inboard Lift
Heights of up to 1 m
Lift weight: 130 - 171 kg
Loading capacity: 425 kg
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Easy Access™ EA Inboard
Lifting capacity: 400 / 500 kg
Lift standard weight: 165 kg
Input: 12 / 24 V
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EPH Inboard Lift
Ground-to-deck heights of up to 65 cm
Lift standard weight: 92 kg
Loading capacity: 250 kg
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Inboard wheelchair lift

Highly popular choice with vehicle convertors worldwide

Through a versatile design, they deliver fast installation, weight saving components and sector leading platform sizes.