VERSA™ AXS FL | Mobility Networks


Ultra-slim, Modern & Robust Step

Quick and simple installation

Strong - Up to 200 kg loading capacity

AXS-FL step Mobility Networks

The VERSA™ AXS FL step is a light, slimline, safe and highly durable platform for easier access into a side or rear van or mini-bus doorway

VERSA™ AXS FL Step Features:

  • Closed design to keep dirt far away from critical sliding parts
  • Complete with opening movement obstacle detection
  • Step surface: Aluminium non-slip R10 / R11
  • Supplied complete with wiring loom, integrated electronics, warning light for the driver, buzzer, magnetic touch less door switch and universal mounting brackets
    VERSA AXS-FL step Mobility Networks LEDs

    Optional: LEDs edging strip in yellow or blue

    VERSA AXS-FL step 900 mm wide

    Optional: High visible yellow edge kit

    Designed and built with more than a decade of experience


    Highly durable step for vechicles


    General characteristics

    Dimensions automatic

    615 / 900 / 1000 (w)



    Max. load

    200 kg (Electric)

    Standard weight automatic

    25 / 28 / 31 kg (615 / 900 / 1000 mm)

    Led options

    Yellow and blue LED and Yellow edge kit

    Downloads & User manual

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