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The VERSA™ SL is an electrically operated step for mounting externally under the vehicle floor


Stable and Secure Electrically Operated Step

The VERSA™ SL is made from a combination of steel and aluminium, and weighs between 16 kg – 18 kg (model dependent). Maximum capacity is 250 kg so you can be rest assured that it will remain stable and secure with regular use.

Zinc Coated

The VERSA™ SL can be mounted below the front, middle or rear door and uses a high temperature zinc corrosion protector to increase durability.


Efficient and Reliable Retractable Step

With a deployment time of 1.5 seconds, the VERSA™ SL step is an efficient and reliable addition to any vehicle needing extra access.

Optional Extra: LED in step nose.

Tested life cycle of the step is 250.000 cycles


General characteristics


Step depth 310 mm, Step width 1000 or 1200 mm depending on model


16-18 kg depending on the model


Maximum load 250 Kg (2500 N)


Frame: steel plate work, High temp zinc corrosion protected

Step: Aluminum profile and ABS corner covers

Life cycle

Tested life cycle of the step is 250.000 cycles

Electrical connection

Waterproof 4 pin connector (IP65)


Electric motor 12V 100W

Safety functions

Motor switched off by ECU control

Electric signals

Electric signals are available via dashboard light: Step moving / open


The product fulfils R107 UN Bus directive and 98/37 EC Machine directive

Downloads & User manual

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