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New Dealer in Iceland


We’re delighted to announce Bilaskjol as our new dealer operating in Iceland.

I’m pleased to announce our formal partnership with Bílaskjól in Iceland, it is always a pleasure dealing with Kristjan and we look forward to a long and successful partnership helping him deliver world class accessibility products to the island.

Jon Weatherhog, Mobility Networks

Bilaskjol is working with Mobility Networks Group to provide a better mobility service for wheelchair users in Iceland.

About Bilaskjol

Bilaskjol - Mobility Networks dealer in Iceland

The automobile car repair shop began operations in Hvolsvöllur in 1982 and worked until 2000, when it was moved to Akralind 3 in Kopavogur. The founder and owner is Helgi Harðarson; tin and automotive master.

From the beginning, the activities have been very varied, but mainly of superstructure, cladding and upholstery. Among the projects over the years include superstructure for group cars, interiors in motorhomes and coaches as well as upholstery in cars, boats and aircraft as well as general forging. Many projects have been undertaken for various companies and organizations, such as the Road Administration, the Police, the Ambulance Fund, Siminn, rescue teams, the energy companies and companies in group travel. Firefighters in cooperation with a German company have been built and sold by the company, among others to Afghanistan, USA, and Norway together with Iceland.

We’re always looking to expand our dealer partner network, if you’d like more information please get in touch.