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RPI Rear and Side Cassette Lift

Fully integrated space saving platform

For Mini & Midi Buses

The RPI 300 features a thin platform that allows for extra internal space saving. It's protected from the outside as it can be fully integrated inside the vehicle floor.


Semi-automatic lift

This lift features step installation, dedicated door installation or dedicated high door installation options.

Product attributes and benefits:

  • Extra space - Saves internal space
  • Fully protected from weather conditions
  • Compact - Integrated within
  • Robust - 300kg lifting capacity
  • Passenger safety zone
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Ultra thin cassette - Integrated within the vehicle floor
  • Light-weight platform

General characteristics

Lifting capacity

300 kg

Lift own weight

140 kg

Platform dimensions

1040 x 690 mm

Max. lifting height

640 mm

Platform type

Non-slip aluminium equipped with front and rear safety flap


12/24 V

Emergency pump

Electro-hydraulic unit equipped with auxiliary emergency pump


Controls with keypad or Bluetooth radio control

Emergency operations

In - Out - Up - Down

Automatic ramp

Automatic ramp flaps on ground and at vehicle level

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