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RHE Rear Cassette Lift

Ultra compact, electro-hydraulic lift

For Mini & Midi Buses

RHE 300 is an automatic or semi-automatic cassette lift that can be installed in small or larger vehicles and can be installed at the rear or on the side of the vehicle.


Available with manual or automatic deployment of the platform

It can be installed on small vehicles or mounted on the side of even large, rear-wheel drive cars with a full-length transmission shaft.

Product attributes and benefits:

  • Ultra light-weight - Only 92 kg
  • Extra internal space - Compact cassette
  • Robust - 300kg lifting capacity
  • Light-weight aluminium platform
  • Passenger safety zone
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Stable platform and smooth ride
  • Reliable - Retracting electro-hydraulic platform
  • Automatic or semi-automatic platform

General characteristics

Lifting capacity

300 kg

Lift own weight

140 kg

Platform dimensions

1040 x 690 mm

Max. lifting height

640 mm

Platform type

Non-slip aluminium equipped with front and rear safety flap


12/24 V

Emergency pump

Electro-hydraulic unit equipped with auxiliary emergency pump


Controls with keypad or Bluetooth radio control

Emergency operations

In - Out - Up - Down

Automatic ramp

Automatic ramp flaps on ground and at vehicle level

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