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EPH Inboard Lift

The lightest platform for the highest payload


The EPH 250 is a highly flexible inboard single arm wheelchair lift that can be installed on the left or right hand side of the vehicle.

Product attributes and benefits:

  • Ultra light-weight - Only 92 kg
  • Flexible installation - Right or left sides
  • Excellent visibility - Foldable platform
  • Extra internal space - Platform rotates 90º
  • Super fast installation
  • Passenger safety zone
  • Versatile - Side or rear installation
  • Reliable electro-hydraulic platform

Under 100 kg in weight, this inboard wheelchair lift offers the best combination of weight versus payload

Lightweight, sized for compact spaces of small vehicles, it allows the installation using the vehicle without changing the original seats position.

General characteristics

Lifting capacity

250 kg

Lift own weight

92 kg

Platform dimensions

1170 x 710 mm

Max. lifting height

650 mm


12/24 V

Emergency pump

Electro-hydraulic unit equipped with auxiliary emergency pump


Controls with keypad or Bluetooth radio control

Automatic ramp

Automatic ramp flaps on ground and at vehicle level

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