Who we are | Mobility Networks Group

Who we are

Mobility Networks is the global specialist in accessible vehicle lift and ramp solutions.

Bringing together the very best in wheelchair and passenger vehicle lifts, ramps and more, Mobility Networks combines global expertise with local knowledge to ensure all specified solutions deliver unsurpassed quality, reliability and suitability. This leading multi-national business consists of a talented team that spans the world to deliver your business a range of accessible vehicle products that are unsurpassed.

Regional experts committed to providing a complete consultancy service from specification to delivery will support all fleet managers, vehicle body builders, convertors and operators so that efficient installation and operation is ensured.

To remain competitive in the accessible vehicle industry, Mobility Networks understands that your business requires product ‘life value’, legislative and safety conformity that meets all the demands of modern day transportation.

Stringent testing of all Mobility Networks solutions provides utmost reliability and reduces possible risks associated with the transfer of wheelchair passengers.

The product specialists, R&D experts and technical engineers that supply Mobility Networks all have a common ethos – to deliver pioneering products that ensure safe moving and handling with trusted performance and peace of mind. This committed approach that meets the needs of both user and operator is also inherent in the working practices of Mobility Networks personnel. Every sales advisor, service engineer, training advisor and account manager located around the world takes pride in delivering a diligent service.

Whatever scale of order from single units to the fitting of complete fleets, customers can rest assured that every Mobility Networks representative will be focused on providing the right individualised access solution every time. Through global understanding of accessible vehicles and in-depth regional experience, Mobility Networks multi-lingual members provide a synergy of expertise that is second-to-none.

What We Supply

Mobility Networks is the international leader in the provision of specialist access systems for accessible vehicles.

Meeting the needs of M1–M3 vehicles including coaches, buses, WAVs and PTS ambulances, Mobility Networks is chosen for it high quality lifts, ramps, escape hatches and more. It can also provide products to the train and tram sectors with a continual focus on safety, reliability and durability. It’s proven and wide ranging product range encompasses engineering excellence of the highest order and bespoke designs are always available for individualized requirements.

Access lifts

All lift solutions incorporate the very latest in accessible technology and Mobility Networks takes pride in pioneering innovation that benefits fleet operators, drivers, convertors and passengers. These lifts meet all current global safety standards including PSVAR, DDA and Directive 2001/85/EC and the Mobility Networks’ manufacturers have been ISO accredited for many years.

Every lift solution is stringently tested before dispatch and when fitted, conforms to the requirements of ECWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval).

Access ramps

Mobility Networks and its ramp developers are committed to intensive R&D that ensures its range remains at the forefront of accessibility innovation. All Mobility Networks’ ramps are hand built from either technically advanced stainless steel or lightweight aluminum, resulting in solutions that are anti-corrosive, strong and easy to handle.

Mobility Networks ramps assist with safe working practices for manual handling professionals and drivers when transporting heavy powerchairs, mobility scooters or loading cargo. Bespoke designs or ready made ramps that encompass single, double or triple-leaves can be selected and dimensions range from widths of 660–820mm and lengths of 2000–2400mm.

Why We Are Better

Mobility Networks are the leading international specialists in vehicle access solutions through the delivery of unique core values.

These are consistently delivered worldwide and include:

Service with integrity

The Mobility Networks group is committed to delivering exceptional levels of service and customer satisfaction. Our highly experienced team hold professionalism, integrity and honesty as their core values to help drive quality in every aspect of the customer experience.   

Understanding and knowledge

The team at Mobility Networks comprises a high number of industry experts with many years experience of both the accessible industry and the vehicle conversion process. The group is able to utilise such experience and offer product consultation on an international scale. Our customers (no matter how remote) are able to rely upon an incredible level of product and technical support.

Excellence in engineering

The precision-engineered products from Mobility Networks will deliver utmost levels of reliability, durability and safety. The highly qualified engineering teams at Mobility Networks have many years industry expertise.

Commitment to promises

Mobility Networks representatives will always aim to deliver on commitments made to customers so that consistent and trusted service levels are ensured.

Prowess in innovation

Mobility Networks (and its manufacturing partners) are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that will always meet the demands of today’s accessible vehicle market.