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Telescopic Portable Ramps

Lightweight yet robust aluminium ramps for wheelchair access to WAV and M1 vehicles.

Precision engineered in high grade aluminium, these portable ramps are a leading choice for M1 vehicle access. They incorporate a telescopic design so minimal space is required for storage and when required, deployment is straightforward.

As the ramps are lightweight, handling is strain-free and safety is maximised with an anti-slip surface and 50mm raised edging. Wheelchair and powerchair users can mount the ramps smoothly and peace of mind is assured through strong and sturdy construction.


  • Strong, durable and safe
  • Minimal storage space required
  • Corrosion-free solution 
  • Easy handling by a single operator
  • Simple design with no potential mechanism issues or oil leaks
  • Zero maintenance


  • Material: aluminium
  • Weight: 9kg
  • SWL: 180kg
  • Length 200cm
  • Usable width: 20cm
  • Folding type: telescopic
  • Ramp surface: non-slip tape