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Emergency escape hatches

Mobility Networks supply a range of specialist emergency escape hatches that are universal in design, easy to fit and are ideal for the majority of vehicle types.

These specialist emergency escape hatches are universal in design, easy to fit and are ideal for the majority of vehicle types.

This durable yet lightweight range delivers accessibility with proven speed, reliability and safety for all mini-buses, buses, and coaches worldwide.

In the event of an emergency where rapid exit from a vehicle is required by passengers, Mobility Networks’ hatches will deliver fast and reliable operation. Their range of emergency escape hatches includes a variety of features and options. There is a choice of standard hatches and models with emergency opening mechanisms on either the inside only or externally as well. If a higher specification hatch is preferred, then Mobility Networks’ models can be manufactured so they are fully ejectable and also incorporate powered ventilations fans.

Each escape hatch solution has been thoroughly tested and complies with all worldwide safety standards including TUV certification. Frames are manufactured in anti-corrosive ABS, these are further enhanced by utilising heavy-duty rubber seals. These seals ensure a seamless join with vehicle chassis walls and ceilings so that sound proofing and weather resistance is maximised.


  • Compatible with all mini bus and coach designs worldwide
  • High quality, reliable components that are proven to perform in an emergency
  • Instant operation, snag free escape route
  • Maintenance free
  • Fully secure when locked
  • Straightforward to install
  • No additional road noise when closed
  • Efficient on-site installation by Mobility Networks’ engineers available in certain regions – details available on request