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Mini-bus Concealed Cassette Lift

This advanced lift is a fully-automatic cassette design, concealed between a vehicle raised floor and the outer chassis. It facilitates a larger and longer, rear loading platform. 

The Mini-bus Concealed Cassette Lift from Mobility Networks represents a new generation of accessible vehicle solutions. When stowed, the lift is cleverly located in the void between the standard vehicle floor and a raised flat floor. It still retains all the impressive features of an exterior mounted underfloor cassette lift, whilst offering the additional benefit of a longer length if required (1410–1780mm). The lift is electrically deployed using an ergonomic, two-button remote control with automatic handrails for added wheelchair passenger and operator safety.

The main advantage of this location is that the product is less prone to corrosion that can affect the operational life of a lift. Ground clearance issues are also eliminated on accessible vehicles installed with this system and overall aesthetics are unaffected. This concealed cassette lift is proving very popular with many mini-bus fleet operators as it provides a variety of significant benefits and industry leading features.

With a SWL of 300kg, the Mini-bus Concealed Cassette Lift is fully IVA, PSVAR, DDA and Directive 2001/85/EC compliant. 

NEW Lite version

The new Lite version is lighter, and stronger, and can operate to greater heights than previous versions.

Through a new re-engineered 'smart design' and innovative use of cutting edge materials, the new Lite version delivers a remarkable 50kgs weight reduction when compared to similar competitors lifts. Intelligent design has been implemented throughout the manufacturing process so that reliability is maximised and maintenance is minimised.

When fitted, the new Lite version will operate with 30% less hydraulic pressure than other models, so battery power is saved when loading. This higher level of operational efficiency means more lift cycles can be performed without increased drain on vehicle batteries.


  • Strong, durable and safe
  • Concealed cassette position for enhanced vehicle aesthetics
  • No compromise on vehicle ground clearance
  • Increased protection from corrosion
  • Longer platforms are possible, maximum 1780mm
  • High quality, reliable components that are proven to perform
  • Minimised down time through straightforward servicing and safety checking
  • No reduction of internal vehicle space
  • No additional noise with anti-vibration features as standard
  • Broad range of options for tailor made specification
  • Efficient on site installation by Mobility Networks’ engineers available in certain regions – details available on request

Features/technical specification:

  • Platform usable size: 825mm (w) x 1405 (l)
  • Cassette size: 1000mm (w) x 1700mm (l) x 175mm (d)
  • Max lifting height (ground to vehicle floor) 1150mm
  • SWL 300kg
  • Lift standard weight: 235kg
  • Twin red rubber coated handrails
  • Hand rails with automated, powered operation
  • Longer/wider automatic bridging plate that incorporates a new, low-maintenance mechanism
  • Cassette design engineered to be compatible with all mini bus types
  • Self leveling, two piece, roll off stop for even contact with uneven terrain
  • Vibration proofed fixings and components
  • Manual override on all systems with emergency auxiliary hand pump
  • 3-button pendant control


  • Lifting capability upgrades - 350 or 400kg
  • Flashing or static LED warning lights
  • Stainless steel anti-corrosion package
  • Microswitch sensor to enable a correct stowage signal
  • Audible warning device
  • 2 x Remote controllers that include illumination and/or wireless operation
  • Door mounted control option
  • Additional handsets
  • Lift cycle counter
  • Doorsafe II – secures rear doorway of the vehicle when lift is being operated

Safety compliance:

  • SWL and CE certificates issued
  • LOLER Installation Compliance
  • Fully PSVAR, DDA, COIF, SVTA, BS6109 and IVA 2009 compliant
  • Meets ECWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval)
  • ISO9001 accredited process control