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Coach Front Entrance Lift

This lift is a fully automatic, coach cassette platform, that is located at the front passenger side door and can be installed in conjunction with the patented Mobility Networks Magic Floor system.

Mobility Networks understands all coach builders are continually under pressure to produce higher specification vehicles with reduced weight. Therefore the latest version of this coach lift is already exceeding these demands and can be fitted retrospectively if required.*

Developed in conjunction with leading coach builders, the Coach Front Entrance Lift provides safe, reliable and trustworthy lifting and lowering of wheelchair passengers. Its electrically operated deployment can be controlled directly from the driver’s dashboard and when stowed, the fully automatic telescopic platform is totally concealed within the coach riser steps.

The lift mechanisms are encased in a sealed cassette box so external contamination is not an issue. It has an unobtrusive under floor position and does not produce any additional vibration noise when in transit. When fitted with a powered, Magic Floor that can be raised up to the main coach floor height, this lift delivers seamless transfers of wheelchair passengers without the need for an oversized bridging plate.

Mobility Networks has the US and European patent for its Magic Floor system which leads the industry in terms of internal coach accessibility.

As the overall width of the lift is 1m, a single powered plug door is ample. Its strong, twin arm operation is powered by high quality hydraulics that delivers a smooth, stable movement. This stability is assured throughout the operating cycle. Side handrails automatically deploy when the platform is extended and are included as standard. The Bridging Plate always rises prior to the lift leaving the coach and similarly the roll-off stop only activates when the platform is stationary for passenger peace of mind.

* Coach must be built with large front door to accept width


  • Increased safety and usability with a massive platform size
  • Fully automatic so manual handling risks are eliminated
  • Efficient on site installation by Mobility Networks’ engineers available in certain regions – details available on request
  • Sector leading installation experience from over 1,000 units fitted
  • Enhanced compatibility for most coaches 
  • Reduced cassette height delivers easier installation
  • Strong, durable and safe
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • High quality, reliable components 
  • Minimised down time through straightforward servicing and safety checking
  • No reduction of internal vehicle space
  • No additional noise with anti-vibration features
  • Broadest range of options

Features/technical specification:

  • Platform usable size: 825mm (w) x 1740mm (l)
  • Cassette size: 1000mm (w) x 1945mm (l) x 175mm (d)
  • Max lifting height (ground to vehicle floor) 1450mm
  • SWL 300kg
  • Lift standard weight: 285kg
  • Twin red rubber coated handrails
  • Cassette height significantly reduced from 220mm to 175mm
  • Longer bridging plate options
  • User friendly hand operated remote control
  • Fully automatic for hands free operation/deployment


  • Lifting capability upgrades
  • Automatic cassette box lock
  • Flashing or static LED warning lights
  • Microswitch sensor to enable a correct stowage signal
  • Audible warning device
  • Additional handsets 
  • Lift cycle counter
  • Stop-Safe Ultra – incorporates safety belts for higher safety specification when loading

Safety compliance:

  • SWL and CE certificates issued
  • LOLER Installation Compliance 
  • Fully PSVAR, DDA, COIF, SVTA and BS6109 Part 2 compliant
  • Meets ECWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval)
  • ISO9001 accredited process control