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Inboard Stretcher Lift

This strong and highly robust, stretcher platform lift from Mobility Networks is suitable for ambulance rear access and is stowed vertically within the vehicle. Standard and Bariatric versions available.

It has a SWL of 400kg and an 815x1600mm platform that ensures paramedics and healthcare professionals have ample space to stand on the lift when transferring patients.

The self-levelling Bridging Plate provides smooth, safe transfers from the platform to the ambulance and is available in widths ranging from 750-815mm. The platform can be engineered to be either a single section or split, dependent on legislative requirements across the world. When folded and stowed vertically, the lift still provides some rear or side visibility due to its steel mesh platform.

All mechanisms rest on anti-rattle, rubber cushions so there is little or no additional vehicle noise. As a result, the lift remains intact and safe. This Mobility Networks lift can be raised to an impressive height of 1150mm above ground level for loading adaptability. The pioneering electrical system only incorporates high quality components and wiring.

It is easy to fit, operate, and maintain whilst ensuring all components are of the utmost quality so consistent performance and reliability is assured. Triple process, powder coating is standard across all lifting arms and platform elements for maximum protection against corrosion. Handrails are coated in rubber so that gripping is easy for operators.

Several features that include a manual automatic override system, anti-slip surfaces, and automatic  two-piece outboard roll-off stops, enhance safety.

Bariatric 500kg SWL upgrade

This Bariatric lift provides the widest and strongest platform available today capable of moving larger patients. With a remarkable platform width of 1040mm, this lift is the only model that will accommodate the latest Ferno Bariatric stretcher. It can be designed with either a split or single piece platform.


  • Strong, durable and safe for high traffic PTS usage
  • Increased patient care as paramedic can travel on lift simultaneously 
  • High quality, reliable components that are proven to perform
  • Minimised down time through straightforward servicing and safety checking
  • No reduction of internal vehicle space
  • No additional noise with anti-vibration features
  • Broadest range of tailor made options
  • Efficient on-site installation by Mobility Networks’ engineers available in certain regions – details available on request

STANDARD features/technical specification:

  • Spilt or solid platform option suitable for side and rear access
  • Strong steel mesh platform providing high visibility when stowed
  • Alloy covered platforms available 
  • Powder coated and rubber dipped components
  • Automatic powered hand rail deployment
  • Self levelling, two piece, roll-off stop for even contact with uneven terrain
  • Advanced, yet simple electrical system with high quality components
  • 400kg SWL
  • Anti-rattle, vibration proofed design
  • Manual override on all systems with emergency auxiliary hand pump
  • Simple two button roaming remote control
  • High grade plastic wheels for smooth contact with road surface
  • Additional zinc plating for increased durability
  • Stainless steel landing pads eliminate corrosion
  • Stainless steel bearings throughout

BARIATRIC features/technical specification:

  • 500kg SWL
  • 915 x 1600mm super sized platform 
  • 1150mm maximum lifting height
  • Features as per the standard model


  • Lifting capability upgrades
  • Flashing or static LED warning lights
  • Stainless steel anti-corrosion package
  • Microswitch sensor to enable a correct stowage signal
  • Audible warning device
  • 2 x remote controllers that include backlit illumination and/or wireless operation
  • Door mounted control option
  • Additional remote controls
  • Lift cycle counter

Safety compliance:

  • SWL and CE certificates issued
  • LOLER Installation Compliance 
  • Fully PSVAR, DDA, COIF, SVTA, BS6109 and IVA 2009 compliant
  • Meets ECWVTA
  • ISO9001 accredited process control