Mobility Networks introduces new lighter PLS-manufactured vehicle Access™ Bumper Step

Passenger Lift Services (PLS), part of the Mobility Networks Group, a leading multi-national in wheelchair lifts and ramps for the PCV sector, has introduced a new cassette lift bumper step that is lighter, slimmer and more adaptable.

09 August, 2016

The Mobility Networks Bumper Step manufactured by PLS provides step-up access to mini-bus and van rear doors and is installed over the housing of an under chassis cassette platform lift. It provides assured, anti-slip access so drivers benefit from reduced risk and increased convenience when entering and existing a vehicle. The new design is 100% aluminum saving 15kg on the previous steel design so vehicle fuel efficiency is optimized. High quality, precision TIG welding ensures durability whilst two alloy-extruded ribs add rigidity and strength. 

The lighter Bumper Step can now be fitted with the enhanced PLS Access™ Lite Cassette Lift which includes a new roll-off ramp with rubber edging. This flexible edge provides a seamless and smooth transfer of wheelchair passengers from ground level to lifting platform irrespective of an uneven road surface. Once the lift is stowed with the roll-off ramp in a vertical position, this new rubber edges allows the platform to be stored at a higher level so ground clearance is increased.

The new PLS manufactured Bumper Step and Access™ Lite cassette lift from Mobility Networks once again reiterate this specialist’s commitment to engineering prowess and world-class innovation.

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